Welcome to the CobaltCove network!

The CobaltCove.io network was created by Zilch in 2019, who felt that there were many PVE servers online, but none of them offering a truly unique experience. With years of experience managing a server and a dedicated team working alongside him, we have created a network of servers that will offer a unique experience for everyone.

Our servers all offer a highly modded gameplay experience, with the full list of available commands accessible from the “Commands” page.

To keep all our servers true to the CobaltCove experience, they are all equipped with the same custom map and have a similar set of plugins ready for you to enjoy.

Hover over all the server’s logo’s to get a brief description as well as the option to log straight into the server. We’ll leave the exploration up to you!


See you ingame!

PvE x5

PvE x1

AtmosFear PvE x5