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Changelog 02/04/2020

Good evening everyone!

It is this time of the month again where we will update you with everything that’s been going on behind the scenes here at CobaltCove.

We bring a whole lot of updates this time, make sure you read them all carefully as there are numerous big changes made this time to the existing server set up.

First of all; our birthday

The month of April marks a whole year has been running. It’s been a fantastic year, I’ve met some great people, had some great laughs. I’ve left the changelog to the last minute again so I’m not going to ramble on about this. But a huge thank you too everyone for your support over the last 12 months. That’s past and present players, the guys I have working behind the scenes with me, you all are what makes this possible.
The 6th of April will be our actual birthday, I’m not too sure what we’ll do for that; but be sure we will have some sort of event. Stay tuned.

Raidable NPC Bases!

An update to the Raidable Bases:
As you will have noticed, we have started to experiment with a newly released plugin that allows us to spawn raidable bases all over the island. For us, this means that whatever effort we have put into the raid bases before this point is made undone. All the raidbases in our directory need to be re-adjusted, the loot system has been reworked already, and we won’t be needing the raid compound Nemesis had provided previous wipes anymore. The developer of the plugin is pushing (sometimes multiple) updates daily, meaning that sometimes we need to start configuring everything from scratch twice a week.
This is not a process that we like to go through, as this is very time consuming. Because of this, there will be minor flaws to the raidbases until further notice, e.g. the base height might not always be ideal. Sometimes they will be slightly above or below ground level. Don’t be too worried though, we are aware of this!

What does this mean for our community?
In the coming weeks you will see many updates being pushed. We want to make this work for all of you as fast as possible, as raiding is one of the main endgame goals for many of you. In the meanwhile, we also want to provide you with a fair loot system and new bases to explore. You might see 1 or 2 new ones already but for the time being we ask for your understanding and hope that you can still enjoy raiding as much as you did before.
Having these bases automated, takes a lot of stress off our shoulders, since we don’t have to come online to paste them back in manually anymore (and then have you guys raid it 5 minutes after and asking for more). For you, that means raid bases will be available most of the times and you can raid to your hearts’ desire!
Stay tuned!

The Custom Map

The Sewers:
An issue which allowed you to enter through the exit has been fixed, you now will always require a keycard to enter.
We noticed some players had been skipping the first loot room, this was addressed to make sure you can’t do that anymore, more loot!
A new death trap has been added. We’ll let you find that for yourselves. Sorry, not sorry 😉

Admin Center:
Admin center has been reworked to give more of a compound feeling, this now completley replaces outpost and bandit camp.
Scrap vending machines have been replaced by the usual outpose and bandit camp vending machines at a x5 rate.

Stealing and Looting

Something that’s been tossed around as an idea for a while now. Up until now, you’ve been able to loot any bodies, player furnaces and open bases. This is no longer the case, we’ve added the very common PvE plugin to prevent looting of anything you do not own. This was partially done as stealing from dead players at raid bases would have become a large problem.
I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with this plugin already, but in case you’re not, here’s the command to use it.
/share – Gives access to all players.
/share “friends name” – Gives access to specified friends.
/unshare – Removes access to all players.
/unshare “friends name” – Removes access to specified friends.
/sharelist – Check who you’ve shared your lootables with
/checkit – Check what protection you have on a certain deployable.

Of course with this change we have stopped turrets being able to damage players. You may fly around in peace.

I know a lot of you like this feature, but it addresses another problem we’re constantly having with turrets killing passers-by.

Accepting the rules

When joining the server, you will now get a pop-up showing the rules with an accept or decline button. Declining the rules with result in you being kicked from the server. Accepting the rules allows you to continue onto the server. However, there is now no reason to break the rules.

Titanium Tools and Weapons

This perk has been removed from the server. If you read the announcement in discord a few days ago, we’ve now got a custom plugin that replaces the titanium tools and weapons. This perk is part of the Gold and Platinum membership packs.

Minicopter, ScrapHeli & Boats decay

I think this is a liked feature on the server, but it also has been removed to make it fair to all players. Currently players are hoarding vehicles which is stopping them from spawning on the roads. I keep seeing players joining and when they can’t find a minicopter, they leave. So vehicles will now decay inside your bases.

Vehicles within the new donator packs

We advertised that you would get a set of vehicles with the new meberships, this was a custom plugin we’re waiting on and is taking longer than I would have liked. So for now the gap is filled with just a minicopter. Bronze – Platinum can spawn and recall a minicopter with the following commands.
/mc_call – Call a minicopter
/mc_dismiss – Dismiss your minicopter (Can be spawned again straight away)
/mc_return – Brings your minicopter back to your location.

The CobaltCove Team

Network Owner & Admin