Changelog 19/03/2020

Good evening everyone!

It is this time of the month again where we will update you with everything that’s been going on behind the scenes here at CobaltCove.

We bring a whole lot of updates this time, make sure you read them all carefully as there are numerous big changed made this time.

We are officially releasing the WarZone server to the public.

We want to thank everyone for their contribution in making WarZone an amazing new experience to be found in Rust, either by posting feedback or generally just coming over to check out the server. All your feedback has greatly helped us balance out the server, up to a point where we feel it is stable enough to move away from the testing phase. This means a couple of things:

  • The server will only be wiped monthly.
  • Nemesis is still working hard on creating a well-balanced experience.
  • Your feedback will always be welcome on the forums. This, of course, goes for our other servers as well! You will see many items being actioned on to make sure you all enjoy our servers.
  • Changes to WarZone will be made periodically rather than on the fly as we have been doing to make sure you don’t come across any unknown surprises when joining the server.
  • You can still expect changelogs for the WarZone server to be found on the forums for all info-hungry people. Also, nemesis really likes his changelogs so have a read through them!
  • The server is still missing some plugins to complete the true Cobalt feel. These will be added on the fly and an announcement will be made on the forums.


Playing on a custom map.

As you have all experienced, playing on a custom map is not always an ideal situation, as the ability to do this not only relies on FacePunch updates, but also 3rd party software compatibility. Those 2 fronts have made incredible improvements, meaning you will once again be able to play on a custom map, with all Nemesis’ goodies included. Check the list below for details. Based on feeback received, we’ve heard your voices about the map size and decided to drop down the map size on WarZone down from 5000 to 4500 again. That is the size of the current map on x5. This will mean the same amount of bots on a smaller area. Happy hunting!

  • The sewers. Those have been completely redone to be an individual monument rather than linked to the admin center. Several parts have been added to provide a more balanced gameplay for both players in the team.
  • Admin center. There weren’t this many changes. The bots have been removed due to a bug in the editor. You might see a red text in relation to a covered Bradley upon joining. This will go away after a few seconds and does not affect gameplay. FacePunch is working on a resolution.
  • Rocket Outpost. The warehouse has been added back and several fixes were made to ensure compatibility.
  • Car Park.


VIP kits and the future of CobaltCove.

Something that’s been on my mind a while now.

Zilch has asked a select few to provide feedback regarding the existing VIP kits that we offer through our website. Based on this feedback and including the fact that we now have diverse set of servers, we have decided to change the entire way the donator perks are presented. This has been a very hard task for us to make sure that everyone who wants to support the maintenance and growth of the server is getting rewarded in such a way that it provides additional bonuses rather than taking away too much of the core gameplay. You can find all the details below.

  • The donator perks are no longer a 1-time donation. They will be subscription based that can be renewed every month. You will receive different perks, along with new fitting titles per rank.
  • Kits have been removed entirely from the new donator ranks. We saw they were too abundant, and people were either using them and stopped returning to the server or didn’t bother to claim them at all.
  • Purchasing a donator perk will reward the perk across all our servers.
  • The titles have been changed to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, along with a fancy matching color in chat!
  • Perks will now offer more gameplay additions instead of raw materials to help you get to endgame items. Think about a portable recycler with extra added functionality per rank, the beloved Skinbox plugin, backpacks and many more. Details can be found on http://store.cobaltcove.io/. Please allow us some time to update the details on there to match with our current offerings.
  • WarZone will offer different perks than the ones found on the other servers. This choice has been made to ensure WarZone stays a semi-hardcore PVE server. All the details can be found on the website later.
  • We will start to offer a 24H “Bronze” perk that will allow (new) players to see what is included in the donator perks.
  • Any player that has doanted has the option to trade in their current donator rank for a new rank, where we will add a duration, depending on your donation. More details on this to follow shortly.

The donator perks will be rolled out over the coming days. Please have patience while we update the website and apply all updates to our servers.


Raid bases or not?

If this isn’t a clickbait, I don’t know what is. We have a tiny little teaser for you guys. Zilch has stumbled upon a plugin that will allow you to purchase a raid base with RP/$ from the shop, that will spawn for your raiding pleasures. This found was made yesterday evening and we are actively testing the functionality of this plugin. Expect this soon!


Once again, we want to thank everyone for their involvement with our community. At the end of the day, it is the community we have created that drives us to keep running the servers and make sure we can offer you a unique and laid back (or not so much in the case of WarZone) experience!


The CobaltCove Team

Network Owner & Admin