Changelog 20/02/2020

Good evening everyone!

The server has wiped! Today not so many changes. Just some much-needed love on the Helicopter Levels plugin. Work continues in the background on the new server changes as part of the big project.

Server Changes

Helicopter Levels Plugin
I’ve been working closely with a developer to get some new features added to the custom Helicopter plugin. I’m often seeing some you saying “That heli was too hard to be worth it” Yeah, they are pretty hard some of them. So to make it worth a bit more, the developer has added RP each time you kill the heli. You will receive half the RP back as well as the loot. However, if someone helps you, the RP will be shared based on the amount of damage you’ve all separately done. I hope this will make taking the harder helis down more enjoyable and more rewarding.
As well as these changes, when taking the heli down, it will tell you how accurate you were, the time taken to kill the heli and display a banner at the top of your screen with who killed it and what level of difficulty it was.

Please Note: At the time of writing this, the RP doesn’t actually get given to you. I hope by the end of the evening, the developer will have fixed this issue. If not, by tomorrow you will be receiving your RP.

It was made aware to me that you were all losing a lot of your levels when dying. You will no longer lose any XP on death.

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Enjoy your wipe!
CC Team!


Network Owner & Admin