These servers are run from donations and as a huge thank you to our supporters,
we offer a range of kits and other cool perks in-game for you to enjoy.
The best part, your donation is a one-off, lifetime donation.
Click on one of the buttons below to go to the donation store or view the server specific perks.

Our Top Supporters

Steam NameDonation 
PosingAsMe$125.50PosingAsMe very kindly donated to help get the server off the ground. There were no perks available at the time and Posing still wanted to support us. That was very nice of you! Posing also donated for his clan mate Tosh, that was very kind.
Buddy712$125Buddy was also very kind to donate before the server had any perks and has stuck around helping to make the server a great place to hang out. Buddy also kindly donated for Platypus, his friend Sycodaddy and Pablito. Thank you!