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  1. IlInemesisIlI

    AF: Sulfur / Gp no yield

    Hi there Kana! I've just added them to the shop. You should be able to sell the items now, although I've purposely kept the price low to prevent massive quarry farms from popping up and breaking the economy.
  2. IlInemesisIlI

    AF: Batteries

    Hey there Kana! First of all, thanks for taking the time to post your suggestion here. As for the batteries, i can confirm that they are still a part of the loot tables for all base difficulties. Of course, the amounts you'll have a chance of finding them in will vary based on the base's...
  3. IlInemesisIlI

    Remover tool cooldown

    Hey Lexa, The cooldown should have been the exact same as on our other servers to begin with. I've duplicated the settings from x5 and x3 over once again. Let us know if it is not the same across the servers!
  4. IlInemesisIlI

    Make it so you need to break all boxes for base to disappear

    I've just applied the fix for it on the server side of things. We will either have to wait for an opportunity to reload the plugin or delay the applyance of the fix until the server restarts. stay tuned!
  5. IlInemesisIlI

    AtmosFear Changelog March 2020

    One big, juicy changelog with all major and minor changed made over the month. There is a TLDR section on the top if you don’t care or are too busy to read all of it. TLDR: The server was renamed to AtmosFear. This was done because of the number of servers that are using the WarZone name...
  6. IlInemesisIlI

    WarZone Changelog

    Day 7 has been uploaded.
  7. IlInemesisIlI

    WarZone Loot feedback? Reply here!

    This is the feedback i want to see!
  8. IlInemesisIlI

    WarZone Loot feedback? Reply here!

    In order to avoid any further cluttering, all future feedback on loot should be posted here as a reply to this thread. Any feedback posted outside of this thread will be disregarded. Copy the below items and fill in according to your findings: What loot container did you loot? How many times...
  9. IlInemesisIlI

    WarZone Changelog

    Day 6 has been uploaded.
  10. IlInemesisIlI

    Warzone feedback store prices

    Please list the ones you don't know from the top of your head as well. I will allow you to test. For science! - All previously mentioned items are actioned on.
  11. IlInemesisIlI

    WarZone Changelog

    Day 5 has been uploaded.
  12. IlInemesisIlI

    WarZone Changelog

    Day 4 has been uploaded.
  13. IlInemesisIlI

    WarZone Changelog

    Day 2 has been uploaded.
  14. IlInemesisIlI

    WarZone Changelog

    Click on the spoilers below to expand the daily Changelogs. In progress and upcoming changes: * Works have began on introducing a series of Donator ranks to fit the new server. * Started working on a universal UI plugin to make it easier to access all available commands. * All...
  15. IlInemesisIlI

    !! Guidelines for posting feedback !!

    As you may have seen in the Discord chats, we've just opened up a new addition to the CobaltCove experience. This server is still very much a work in progress, and we need your feedback to make it as enjoyable for you as we can. In order to do so, we need your feedback! Me and Zilch are often...