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1v1 arena plugin


New member
I saw this plugin on quite a few servers,
u are pretty much allowed to send /duel to someone its like /tpr and they can /duel accept then you get teleported to a privet arena and 1v1 by choosing a kit first
ex. Player 1: /duel player 2 Player 2: /duel accept

Pretty sure its this one:

I'm currently playing on 5x but I can see the plugin being for the 3x too

This plugin is amazing and lets people have fun while enjoying PvE


New member
Why not just make PVP area ? Or like a PVP monument with [Elite tier crates, military crates etc..] with decent loot that gonna attract lots of players.


Cobalt Crew
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Server Admin
PvP is not something I want on the servers, it always ends in tears. On wipe day when everyone is going to lose everything is fine, but not during the wipe, people get salty and start arguing.