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AtmosFear Changelog March 2020


Cobalt Crew
Map Maker
Server Admin
One big, juicy changelog with all major and minor changed made over the month. There is a TLDR section on the top if you don’t care or are too busy to read all of it.


  • The server was renamed to AtmosFear. This was done because of the number of servers that are using the WarZone name already. For you, this means you will have to re-favorite the server.
  • Mass drops now run every hour, real time.
  • You can now stay offline on the server for 7 days before your stuff is purged automatically.
  • Bots now have outfits more suitable to their surroundings and all have a distinctive look.
  • Bgrade no longer expires after 30 seconds. Set it and forget it.
  • Activity reward has been increased by 250%. You will get this reward for every 15 minutes spent in game.
Finally, I want to dedicate a separate part to the bosses. I’ve overhauled most of their stats to make them more deadly, as well as added 2 new ones: The Assassins and The Marauders. Those 2 are designed to not be a solo boss.

The hunter:
- Health: 400 > 600
- Roam range: 100 > 50
- Weapon drop chance: 10 > 20
- Aggro range: 100m > 200m
- Damage %: 40 > 50

The Juggernaut:
- Health: 1200 > 7000
- Roam range: 40 > 50
- Weapon drop chance: 10 > 20
- Aggro range: 40m > 200m
- Damage %: 75 > 85

The Assassins:
- Health: 400 > 500
- Roam range: 50 > 100

The Marauders:
- Health: 800 > 3000
- Accuracy: 60 > 80
- Aggro range: 150m > 200m


  • Mass drops now drop 3 crates every real time hour!
  • Loot for roaming bots was redone to give a 99% chance to drop between 1 and 3 small batteries per kill.
  • Purging of sleepers and their bases has been changed from 5 to 7 days.
  • Server garbage collection threshold has been halved. Observation needs be done to ensure stability of server FPS.
  • All bosses have received a massive buff
  • Fixed an issue that caused server FPS to drop dramatically.
  • Added new outfits to all bots to make them look unique and have them blend in with their surroundings more.
  • Reverted new Mercenary bots to Scientist prefab to workaround an issue with Bradley.
  • Added cash reward to EZvote. This starts at 1500$ at your first vote and caps at 2500$ per vote.
  • Server info has been completely redone to reflect available commands on AtmosFear.
  • Bots are ignoring each other again to prevent an issue where the bosses would get killed by roaming bots.
  • Started Rebranding everything to "AtmosFear".
  • Raidbase Purchase was removed from the store until the plugin development stabilises.
  • Airdrop was removed from the store. You can buy airdrops normally again.
  • Changed WarZone name To AtmosFear due to the number of servers with a similar name.
  • BGrade no longer expires after 30 seconds. Set it and forget it.
  • The 4th entry to the boss table has just been completed.
  • Bots will no longer respawn at night to prevent overpopulating the server.
  • Bots no longer (possibly) drop weapons from both their belt and their hands. Chance to drop their weapon has been increased to 20%
  • fixed an issue where the activity reward was not properly deposited.
  • Crafting speeds have been fixed. It is 5 times faster than vanilla. PLatinum members have instant (bulk) crafting enabled.
  • You can now destroy your own building by using any weapon on it.
  • Activity reward has been increased by 250%. This will be rewarded for every 15 minutes of gameplay.
  • Stack sizes for food have been reduced to 1000.
  • Some UI cleanup is being done to avoid flooding the chat with kill messages. They will now only be displayed to players within a radius of 1500 meters.
  • The loot multiplier from military crates has been balanced to match other crates.
  • The safe zone is now truly safe. Bots that happen to wander inside the area should no longer target players. you can get there quickly by typing /town.
  • The scrap shop in the safe zone is blocked off to avoid abuse. This will happen every wipe as this shop was designed for x5.
  • The second recycler plugin was added for the new Donator ranks.