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CobaltCove's Discord Gallery of RP Architecture


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What is your suggestion? (i.e - A plugin, a server change, etc) -I suggest creating a discord channel where people could send pictures of their bases made for RP purposes i.e: hotels, pubs, shops etc. People could send and upload pics by themselves or there can be a mod who will be taking the pics in-game, or manage received photos.

If it's a plugin, please provide a link.

What server is your suggestion for? (PvE-x5, PvE-x3 or All) All

Why do you think your suggestion would make a good change? -It might encourage people to build more RP-focused bases, interact with neighbors and spark creativity among the players. New players can feast their eyes and be more interested in checking out and staying on the server.


please use the ,suggest in the discord for suggestions, that way others can vote on your suggestions


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Oh, I thought that I can write it on forum and when the post shows up on #suggestions people can vote then. Sorry, still getting used to how things work here :)