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Giant Excavator - Resurrection


New member
What is your suggestion? (i.e - A plugin, a server change, etc)

Change excavator rate and speed

What server is your suggestion for? (PvE-x5, PvE-x3 or All)


Why do you think your suggestion would make a good change?

No one bothers with the giant excavator any more - its useless. I have a couple of suggestions.

a) Make it 10x vanilla and faster if possible (testing would need to be done to ensure it's balanced, 10x is just a suggestion)
b) Encorporate some kind of bot spawn when it's switched on to make it more of a challenge - dunno if this is possible

It's a cool monument that has been completely forgotten about and there are so much easier ways of farming resources that it needs to be dramatically buffed both in terms of risk and reward