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Increased stacks for plant clones


New member
What is your suggestion? (i.e - A plugin, a server change, etc)
Increase the stack-size of the plant clones. Now they stack in 50 each stack, so when you're gathering either a bunch of a nice breed or trying to land that good breed of them, with the amount of posibilities there is, they take a crazy amount of space in coffins/boxes.

If it's a plugin, please provide a link.
Don't know if there's a plugin for it sadly

What server is your suggestion for? (PvE-x5, PvE-x3 or All)

Why do you think your suggestion would make a good change?
Well, I don't know how many it'll make a difference for tbh but for those of us who find it hilarious seeing the veggies stacking up into the 10's of thousands in the fridge (WHY it's needed is a totally other question), not having to have 3-4 coffins with clones standing around in the farmhouse would definately be nice!


Cobalt Crew
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Server Admin
I'm afraid this won't be possible. I can't tell you the exact reason why as I can't remember. A long while ago we did have the clones set up to 500k stacks like the rest of the seeds and food items. However, there was an issue with them which meant they had to be put back down to 50. It was possibly the clone IDs kept resetting, but as I say I'm not too sure.


New member
Haha, weeeell now, that would definately blow a bit finding out after breeding them all!
It's not a problem though at all and thank you for telling me why it won't happen. :D