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Limit number of cars owned


New member
What is your suggestion?
Limit number of cars owned to 1, max 2

What server is your suggestion for? (PvE-x5, PvE-x3 or All)
All (but mainly x5 as it has the highest number of players)

Why do you think your suggestion would make a good change?
After the miniheli issue, here we go again with the cars: people keep many of them in their garages and they do not spawn anymore.
The problem is you need to find them to learn the modules, but after two days from the wipe, all the cars are already taken.
I have been going around the map to see up to 6 cars in the same building; this is removing the possibility for other players to be able to "play the car chapter" of Rust.
I am not even interested in using them for movement but would like to learn and try to build one.


Cobalt Crew
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Server Admin
What I'll do once I find the command for it is, set more vehicles to spawn on the map. If that doesn't combat the issue, I'll implement a rule about it.