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Make it so you need to break all boxes for base to disappear

Death Himself

New member
My suggestion is a edit to the plugin you use for raidable bases,to make it so that you have to break all boxes and the tc for the base to start disappearing as apposed to now where it starts disappearing when the tc is broken.

I think this should be changed on 5x and 3x.

It would make a good change because sometimes you can accidentally blow up the tc before getting the loot,and then that loot is gone forever.


Cobalt Crew
Network Owner
Server Admin
There’s an error in the setup then. I was certain as I read you suggestion that the plugin was already set up like that. We’ll get that changed.


Cobalt Crew
Map Maker
Server Admin
I've just applied the fix for it on the server side of things. We will either have to wait for an opportunity to reload the plugin or delay the applyance of the fix until the server restarts. stay tuned!