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Store prices.


New member
After last wipe some prices in the shop have changed. I wanted to let You know how do I feel about it, and maybe some others players could tell theirs opinion too.

So, I feel item prices arent balanced at all. Some Items that are Tier 1 are too expensive e.g : wooden gate 15k, wooden wall 7k, miner hat 2.5k ,barbecque 3k, bed 1k large wooden box 1.5k where Tier 3 items cost same or less eg. metal face mask 2.5k ( same as a miner hat ! ). And u dont get 2.5k so easy, its 1 hard raid, so hard raid = miner hat ?

Premium items like quarrys, generators etc are too expensive. We talked about item being accessible for not premium players, but now they are not. I think it should be possible to buy all 3 in one wipe and atleast try get enough RP for next wipe. With how much RP u get now u can get like 1 quarry per X wipes beacuse getting 250k isnt so easy.

I'm also missing basic resources like hqm or lgf which i belive have been removed.

In conclusion : reconsider item prices, bring basic resources back or make earning RP easier which I dont believe would be good.


The item prices are wrong and very expensive as they aren't made for 5x. This has been said many times to be fixed asap