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WarZone Changelog


Cobalt Crew
Map Maker
Server Admin
Click on the spoilers below to expand the daily Changelogs.

* All the permissions for the donator ranks have been set up! More information to follow soon.

* The loot for the below bots should be fixed:

- Oil Rig
- Cargo Ship

* The amount of Crude Oil and Lowgrade Fuel was decreased from barrels.

* Small changes were made to the limits of homes and TP requests to accomodate for upcoming Donator packages.

* There is a new plugin, accessible by doing /pc. This will offer you some stats and rankings. Be the top of any of the leaderboard to earn yourself a title! More will be added over time.


* Many store item prices were once again changes to prevent abusing:
- All types of ammo
- Stone tools
- Stone Fireplaces
- Shop fronts
- Concrete barricades
- Maybe some other ones i forgot to mention.

* The Hunter's loot has been completely reworked. He should now drop at least both a stack of small batteries and a golden egg as a reward.

* Swapped back to different loot management plugin to allow for a more vanilla feel. Balancing and excluding of items to be done:

- All lootables except for any bots in the game have been redone. You will now get slightly less items, but with a bigger variety of items available per drop.

* Stack sizes are being reduced to offer a better inventory- management minigame:
- General stack sizes reduced from 500.000 to 100.000
- Ammo Stacks reduced to 10.000
- Electric component stacks reduced to 100

* Works are still continuing in the background as Zilch and me are focussed on completing the donator packages by Thursday. We will provide more details later on:
- Completion: 25%

* Some basic resources and 2 guns have been added to the shop:
- Stone
- Wood
- Leather
- animal fat

- Semi Auto Pistol
- Semi Auto Rifle

* Bots now have a slight chance to drop their weapon again when killed.

* The entire loot system has been redone for:

- Crates
- Barrels
- Heli's
- Oil Rig
- Bradley
- Airdrops

* Fixed the trading range to allow you to trade across the map.

* Adjusted prices on some easy to capitalize items from the shop:

- High external stone walls
- High external stone gate
- tool cupboard

* Server reboot automated at 06:00 every day. Announcements ingame will start an hour before.

* Mining quarries and Pumpjacks can now be placed correctly after finding below resources with a survey charge:

- Any kind of rock (sulfur, metal, stone)
- Crude oil (desert areas)

* Bradley reward was cut down to 250$ to account for the change in loot.

* Horses and boats should no longer decay.

* Bots now have a slight chance to drop a green keycard.

* The next entry in the Boss Bot chapter has been added:

The Juggernaut

Center of Junkyard.

Being a walking ball of steel. With a gun.

Weapons of choice:
M249 and a cleaver to finish off.

50 batteries, a chance to get his gun, a golden egg to prove your worth in battle, ammo, meds and other goodies.

Tactics to defeat:
All he wants is to cuddle you to death, he is a bit dumb on using rifles.

Hp: 1200
Dmg: 75%
Accuracy: 75% (1 proper hit will take you down to 30HP).
Speed: 100%
Aggro range: 80m

* Assault rifle has been disabled for purchasing from the shop.

* The <color=cyan> error message from the voting plugin has been resolved. I have quickly edited some of the text into a different color, resulting in a not so uniform text, but at least it's without error messages. Vote away!

* I have removed the option to stack water bottles and jugs. Any stacked items you had will probably be bugged when you unstack them.

* It is now possible to stack small batteries again.

* Attempt to fix the still decaying minicopters.

* The Hunter has received a buff:

- Base HP is now 400.
- Aggro range is now 100 meters.

* A new Boss Bot has been added. This will be the first of 4 bosses to roam the island:

The Hunter

Forest, around the power station at O24.

Hitting you from a long distance without you ever seeing him. Comes with a stylish full camo suit to make life easy. For him.

Weapons of choice:
l96 and a silenced pistol

50 batteries, a chance to get his gun, a golden egg to prove your worth in battle, ammo, meds and other goodies.

Tactics to defeat:
Shoot first, ask questions later.

Hp: 400
Dmg: 90%
Accuracy: 40% (1 proper hit will take you down to 30HP).
Speed: 130%
Aggro range: 100m

* Other bots have received a nerf to balance out the new wickedly strong bosses.
- 15% accuracy and -15% damage.

* Added a plugin that disables the ability for people to loot your furnaces/ ovens outside.

* Drasticly adjusted items in the shop:

- Weapon prices rebalanced
- Some weapons removed
- Certain ammo prices reduced
- Abusable items removed from "sell" list entirely.

* Voting is now live on WarZone! Vote for this server to make sure we get all the eyes pointed towards us for running a unique server like this. Also, you get yourself some rewards:
- Zlevels experience for all levels
- x amount of supply signals per vote

The amount of rewards depend on the amount of times you have voted for our server.

* Revamped the loot from bots entirely. you now get (up to) 6 items, with batteries almost guaranteed. I've removed the chance to get items that dont make sense for them to carry around like construction tools etc. They might now carry some more of those precious animals parts you've been looking for.

* Changed the BotSpawn plugin to potentially fix an issue where bots would despawn as soon as you shot it or got too close.

* Added PlayerRanks to see who's got the most kills. And deaths. do /ranks to see your score!

* Minicopters no longer decay inside. Half rate outside.

* Nearly every ingame item is now for sale in the shop. Subject to change of course. Having a solid base shop makes it easier to continue works of balancing and adding/removing items as seen fit.

* Stack sizes have been changed to be identical to x5. Future wise we will keep the 2 aligned.

* 3 different levels of Heli spawns are now available in the shop under "Commands". Go check them out, but be careful: Difficult ain't easy. (Old Dutch proverb)

* Reward for killing bradley has been temporarily increased to 4000 until i get the lack of loot sorted.

In progress and upcoming changes:

* Works have began on introducing a series of Donator ranks to fit the new server.
* Started working on a universal UI plugin to make it easier to access all available commands.
* All requirements to start a series of server-wide events have been installed. It's a matter of setting them up and finding someone with a good game- host voice!
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