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Weekly Wipe


New member
Wipe every 2 weeks is too much for a 5x with Zlevels, everyone leaves the server after 4/5 days and waited until next wipe so please make it every week so the pop of the server stays up!!


New member
2 weeks might be too long if you have no building plans, but if you like to build and expand, one week is def way too short


Cobalt Crew
Network Owner
Server Admin
We used to be a monthly wipe server, it took a lot of consideration to drop down to a two-week wipe cycle. We lost a fair few players along the way but gained many more. Some players have full-time jobs, they're not able to get the most from the server in just one week.

I'm afraid I won't be changing to weekly wipe, it just wouldn't work and it's not something I want to do.