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Wipe Changelog 19/12/19

Good evening everyone! As we go into the second wipe of the month, we have some interesting new content to bring to you! Nemesis has been hard at work with his favorite toy, RustEdit. As this the second wipe, there won't be any new monuments added to the map. However, existing monuments have had a […]

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Wipe Changelog 05/12/19

Good evening everyone! We have some important news to share with you this wipe! Nemesis has been kind enough to donate a personal rock to myself and to Tosh, who we wholeheartedly welcome back to the server! (Post started as per Nemesis' requirements) What's new? As all of you in the discord would have seen, […]

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Wipe Changelog 07/11/19

Good evening everyone! With Facepunch bringing in their quality of life (QoL) update tonight, I also have a few nice QoL changes to bring to the server, as well as some extra fun stuff. What's new? A small but very nice addition to the server. When you storm the cargo ship, you will now be […]

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