Staff Commands

The one-word commands below can be added to a keybind. For example, in F1 console, type bind g chat.say /god (You will have to rebind your map key)

/admin ~ Bring up the admin menu where you can use preset commands or use the player interaction menu.

/radar ~ Toggle Admin ESP. With this tool you can see everyone within a 500m radius.

/mute 0d0h0m0s ~ Use the mute command when players are getting a little out of hand, or continue to speak another language in chat after repeated warnings. 0d0h0m0s, you change the number to suit the mute length. For example, /mute Zilch 0d1h30m0s would mute Zilch for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

/prod2 ~ This command will show you who built what percentage of a building, helpful when trying to trace a griefer.

/god ~ Toggle godmode on or off.

/callheli ~ Call a helicopter to patrol the map (You should rarely need to use this command)

/callheli “player name” ~ Call a helicopter to a certain player (You should rarely need to use this command)

/killnapalm ~ Removes all napalm on the map. (Napalm is the fire from helicopter rockets, or on the crates)

/strafe “player name” ~ If a helicopter a player is fighting flies away, you can you the strafe command to send it back again. (This will only work if there is one helicopter on the map)

/heli level here ~ This will send one of the tieried helicopters to your location. Available levels are, Training, Easy, Medium, Hard, Beast (These are case sensitive)

/viewinv “player name” ~ Open the inventory of another player.

/marker add name 0 20 0.2 “Display Name” 990000 990000 ~ This will add a dark red marker to your position. Helpful for marking a town or monument. For example, /marker add UnderwaterSubmarine 0 20 0.2 “Underwater Submarine” 990000 990000

/tp “player name” ~ Teleport to a player.

/tp “player name” “player name” ~ Teleport a player to another player. You can put your own name in as the second option to teleport them to you.

/tpb ~ If you have used the /tp command, /tpb will teleport you back to your last location. Helpful if you have quickly had to go and help someone.

/tpsave “name” ~ Save you current location. Similar to /sethome, just with instant teleports and no restrictions.

/tpremove “name” ~ Remove a saved location.

/tpl “name” ~ Teleport to one of your saved locations.

/rb ~ Shows how a raid base is locked to, also shows the raid base name in case it needs to be edited.

/rulesto “Name” ~ Force the rules screen to show again for a player. You can use this if a player is breaking the rules, they will have to accept the rules again.

/ubertool ~ A very powerful building, upgrading and removing tool. Have a play around and see what it does. But NEVER right click with the remove tool, it will delete a whole base instantly.

/liftadmin ~ Use the lift plugin with no limits.

/vanish ~ This will set you as invisible.

In the case someone asks to find a player’s item (TC, etc), use this to find it (keep  the brackets and use the item name from

teleport2owneditem “playername or steamid” “item”