Staff Infomation & Commands

First of all, congratulations on your success in joining our team! Before we start with all the commands and cool information, there are a few things I would like to say to ensure we are all on the same page.

From all the applications we received, YOU were selected as we believe you are the right person to represent our network on the front line. 

What is the role of a staff member?
As a staff member you are there to provide support to players when needed, make them feel welcome on our network and enjoy themselves.
Something that is very important for myself and Nemesis is that you get to enjoy the server as much as you do now. When a player needs help, as long as it’s not an urgent request; continue playing the game and when you can help them, do so.
Or if you are online and a player who is solo asks for some help running oil rig or cargo ship, as long as you’re not busy and want to do it, offer to go with them. This is an act that will make newer players feel welcomed and show we are here to improve their experience on our network. From experience, players are more likely to stick around when they know they can trust the staff team to be honest, friendly and fair with them.

Please be aware of the fact that you will be given information or asked to join in testing unreleased changes to the map, plugins and maybe even new servers. You are expected to keep this information confidential until an announcement is officially released. Failing to do so will result in an immediate ending of your probation period.

What don’t we want from staff?
To continue making people feel welcome, there are of course a few things we expect you not to do. These are all things that would make a person feel unwelcome, bullied and would make them yell “admin abuse” in chat, voice or our discord. Did you know that when you have a bad experience with something, you’re most likely to tell this to 3 times more people than you would with a positive one? We want our network to be seen as one of the friendliest ones around. Do not take any of the below actions, as they are bound to send people away from the server.

– Build huge bases while flying and spawning resources.
– Trap players in any way.
– Build next to players so they cannot expand their bases
– Take monuments/ Bradley etc when you know players are going for them as well. They know you are part of the team. We expect you to put the player’s experience first.
– Make threats to players about bans. You can however reinforce them to read the server’s rules with /info. If a scenario is bound to escalate, ask either Zilch or Nemesis for help.
–  Do not swear in chat or voice. This will encourage the community to behave the same way.

To summarize those points above and to cover anything not said, don’t do anything that could hinder another player’s experience. 

During your probation period, you will be given guidance and some training. Don’t panic, it’s not 8 hours a day and a 300 page textbook, it’s just making sure you’re familiar with the commands and how to use them correctly as well as dealing with players in the most effective and friendly way.

Position termination / reprimands
This is not a part we like having, but part of running a successful network is making sure our team members are doing the best they can do for the network.
We are running a three warning system, probably very similar to current and previous jobs you have had. Warning’s are not something we hand out for silly reasons, but if an Admin has to speak to you about something serious, it will be documented. If you receive three warnings the result will be termination of your role on our network, depending on the severity of the issue you could also receive a permanent network wide ban. We have trialled this system with the players and it has worked perfectly.

Server absence
This falls under the above category. We perfectly understand if you can’t be on the server, all we ask is you tell us if you are not going to be on for a few days/weeks. If you disappear without telling us anything, you will be removed from staff. Just one quick message is all we ask.

Staff / Assistant reviews
As a new member of our team we will be gathering feedback about you in various ways. The idea behind this is simply to make sure you are aware when we are happy with something you have done, but also when we feel there are things you could improve on. Usually if there’s something you could have done in a better, more professional way we will tell you there and then. Our communication methods towards each other are very direct, and we mean that as a good thing. If we do not like something either of us has done or is doing, we say so. This is never meant to be a personal attack of any kind, but a way for us to keep our heads together and make sure we all understand each other and keep the vibe of the team as good as it has been since the start of the network.

This is not a must, however, we would appreciate it if you did not have our discord muted. By all means mute the general channel, but it is preferred if you have notifications on for the staff channel and the support channels.