Wipe Changelog 05/12/19

Good evening everyone!

We have some important news to share with you this wipe! Nemesis has been kind enough to donate a personal rock to myself and to Tosh, who we wholeheartedly welcome back to the server!

(Post started as per Nemesis' requirements)

What's new?

As all of you in the discord would have seen, I did put a vote up about changing the server to a bi-weekly wipe cycle (two weeks). Much to my surprise, the majority of players wanted this change. So as of this wipe, we will be trialing a bi-weekly wipe cycle. This change was made to bring more enjoyment to the server. We often see the server go very quiet towards the last week or two of the wipe. Players get bored once they've got all blueprints, more resources than they know what to do with and have raided every single base on raid island more than 25 times each... This might not work, but we've got an open mind and are looking forward to seeing the outcome. Note, the BP wipe, RP and levels will wipe monthly still. This is subject to change based on feedback or if players are still easily becoming bored.

Now, of course, some players were not so happy about the wipe schedule changes. I gathered some feedback from those players to see if we could come to some sort of compromise. My idea was to create a new server and keep it running a monthly wipe schedule. So I put it to them, "what type of server would you like to play on?" Yep... a cloned server. Exactly the same but just monthly. That wasn't going to be the best use of server resources, so the decision was made to go with something fairly similar. A x3 gather rate server, it will run all the same plugins and set-up; other than a reduced gather rate and some slight loot tweaks. Again, I'm open-minded this server will work as well as the x5. You will be able to connect to this server through the in-game browser, by using the connect address. - connect - or by using the connect button on the homepage. We will be interested to hear your comments and feedback about the server. The x5 will remain the network's main server, you will find the staff a little more active on there and more events being run.

Another nice change is the addition of spawnable vehicles. This is a change I've been thinking about implementing for a while and now it's here. Using the new store implemented the last wipe
(/store) you will be able to purchase either a mini copter, scrap copter, boat or RHIB. What makes this plugin so cool, when you purchase one of these vehicles, they get spawned in your inventory as a physical item. You can then place it down wherever you like. Then when you're done using it, just give it a whack with your hammer and it'll pop straight back into your inventory. Cool ey?

The new store has got a lot of loving this new wipe. In addition to the buyable transportation, you can buy some cool little perks. These will give you unbreakable tools and weapons. Now please don't expect these perks to be cheap, they're going to be end-game perks that you can use to continually take down helicopters with the same M249, or smash through rocks and tress without needing to stop. Maybe you'd need a backpack to hold all those resources...

Backpacks!... oh man, I'm such a tease. I expect and accept all the abuse you're going to hurl at me. And no, I'm not sorry. But, you might just have something exciting to look forward to the next wipe and if you're on the x5, that's only two weeks away.

The tiered helicopters again that are in the /store have had a new addition to the family. This is a change for the newer Rust players or the veterans who have never taken down a helicopter. You will now find the trainee helicopter in the store. This heli does very little damage to your player, no damage to your base at all and is very cheap. So if you've always been scared to try it, now's your chance. Go have some fun!

Custom Map

Yet again, Nemesis has outdone himself with a new custom monument. This time around you'll find a puzzle inside. Be careful, it's not all candy and games inside. Go inside prepared... prepared to die.

Raid island has had some real loving with this map. You will no longer find raid island as an actual island. The new raid area has now been split up into three sections, each section will have harder to raid bases with more traps and better loot. You can find the entrance at H23 or by doing the usual command, /raid
Please note, there will be no more TPing inside or using sleeping bags. If you want into raid island, go do some puzzles and play the game. Oh, and before I forget to mention it, there are SAM sites all around the island. DO NOT TRY AND FLY IN, or do; your choice.