Wipe Changelog 07/11/19

Good evening everyone!

With Facepunch bringing in their quality of life (QoL) update tonight, I also have a few nice QoL changes to bring to the server, as well as some extra fun stuff.

What's new?

A small but very nice addition to the server. When you storm the cargo ship, you will now be able to find a usable recycler on the lower deck. Just walk up to it and interact with it as you normally would.

The Outpost and Bandit Camp received a very nice QoL change to the vending machines. Something a lot of players had been asking for. I've raised the Buy : Sell ratios by some fairly significant values. So instead of buying 150 stones for 100 scrap, for example, you can now buy 15000 stones for 1000 scrap. I just pulled those numbers out of thin air, so don't hold me to those numbers. But this should hopefully save your fingers some clicking unless you really need a lot of resources 😉
(This isn't working after the wipe, unfortunately, but hopefully, a plugin update will fix that)

The /s store has also received a little overhaul, some of the Halloween items have been added in, and some other rarer items.
While on the topic of stores, we have a new store coming in to run alongside the current one. I did want to swap /s over to this new store, but it's unnecessary and the current store has more features. So I think it's best the two stores are live. You will be able to access the new store with /store. It will contain mostly commands and kits. For example and this is a pretty big change, the custom helicopters will be able to be purchased on there. But be warned now, they're lethal...

More quests have been added to the server, these are mostly just variations of the current ones. So craft/kill more for a higher reward.

Custom Map

We're finally running a custom map at long last. Nemesis has worked very hard to get a new raid island set up. It's still a work in progress, but it's there. You'll now require a fuse and red keycard to enter raid island, this was done to stop you raiding all the bases so easily.
Nemesis has also worked on a new prefab, it's like an advanced warehouse monument. It's over at D11 so check it out and see if you can work out how to get to the loot.

This is, of course, the first custom map that has been released on the server, they're only going to get better from here on out. So stay tuned for that next wipe.

Staff Changes

It makes me very sad to say that Tosh decided to move on at the end of the wipe. He's done an amazing job at pushing the server forward since being staff. So we all owe him hugely. So a big thanks to Tosh for all his hard work. I'm sure we'll all miss him.