Wipe Changelog 19/12/19

Good evening everyone!

As we go into the second wipe of the month, we have some interesting new content to bring to you! Nemesis has been hard at work with his favorite toy, RustEdit. As this the second wipe, there won't be any new monuments added to the map. However, existing monuments have had a few changes added.

What's new?

We could tell not many players were using the whole of raid island. Partially because it was pretty costly to get all the way to the third compound. It was also as I believe a lot of players didn't know the third compound even existed. Who am I kidding, the loot stinks!
Nemesis has edited one of the custom monuments to contain a little bit of extra help. Take a little run through and you'll find yourself an extra red card spawning in there, as well as some extra additions. But you'll have to go and find out what.

In the last update post, I teased anyone who read it with backpacks. As some of you might have discovered, we did have a backpack plugin on the server during the last wipe. But it was poorly made and so we've swapped it for another version. Backpacks are part of the donator packages, however, they can separately be acquired or the size upgraded through the (More) tab on the store.

That's it for this one, nice and short.

Enjoy everyone.