Pre-Staff Application Information

Please note before you get excited about the chance of becoming staff, it is not as exciting and glorious as you might think. The hours can become long, the timings are always at the worst time and it can just be downright irritating sometimes.

Keep in mind, we hold our staff members to a very high standard. If you are caught cheating, abusing your powers, or acting inappropriately in any way, action will be taken against you, sometimes it may seem unfair or harsh, but you represent this network. We believe a good staff team is a big part to running a successful network. How you talk to the players, how you joke with them, it may seem harmless to you, but you are representing our network.

The reason we are so strict on abuse and the way you deal with players other than what is stated above is simple, once you have been seen to abuse or be rude, we all get labelled. We all look dishonest and trust can rarely be gained back with these players. There is nothing more important to us on this network than our players trusting us and knowing they can enjoy themselves as they intended.

So make sure you’re clear on all of this: It is not “Ooh, I can fly around the map” or “I can spawn loads of materials for me and my friends” The reality is: “Oh man, this player stood under his supply drop and got pushed under the map. Now I have to go dump out my entire inventory, teleport to his corpse, get all his stuff, teleport to him, hand all his stuff over, teleport back to where I dumped my inventory and finally continue playing…. oh, great, another person needs me now, so cancel that ‘get back to playing’ part…”

That is the harsh reality of how it is. It is a never-ending job. You get interrupted mostly when you want to play. You must NEVER use your powers in anything gameplay related. If you want to fight the Bradley, or loot a monument, farm the explosives, or key cards and walk to the monument. (Or fly using a minicopter). To make it even worse, if another player is already there waiting to kill Bradley or has started a puzzle, you MUST step aside and let them go first. You must always put players first and your gameplay second.

The main qualities we are looking for in staff is how they interact with players. No drama, always polite, very helpful with answering questions and helping new players. The role is more about that than it is ‘policing’ the servers. You just need to approach the position from a customer service point of view. Always consciously think about how you talk to players verbally and written, be mature and helpful.

Being staff also means you must play solo and cannot hold any titles on the leader board.

With all that said, there is some good to come from being staff. There is a great pride in having that staff tag and knowing you are one of the people who make players come back to our network. When we get compliments about our server it is one of the best feelings! Also, a perk to being staff means you always have platinum status plus a few extra goodies as staff hold higher ranks in our plugin configs.

We of course want super helpful, friendly staff. However, what we do not want is for you to be a successful candidate, go 100MPH and burn yourself out. Slow yourselves down, just not too slow. Play the game, enjoy the server for yourself. Do not just log in, fly around looking for rule breakers then leave again. If someone asks a question, answer it. But if someone asks for help with something that’s not priority, tell them you will be with them shortly and deal with it once you have finished what you were doing. Priority support requests are usually fast to sort out. For example, if someone gets stuck, TP to them, TP them out and TP back to where you were, easy!

If after reading through all of that you still want to be part of this madness, fill out our staff application here:

When we have narrowed down potential candidates, we will set up a time to interview you in Discord and if things go well, get you set up.

If accepted, you will be placed on a probationary period where you will be an “Assistant/Helper” member with limited abilities. The probation period length is decided at the owner’s discretion and can be extended indefinitely. Once you have completed your probationary period you will be moved up to a full staff member. Staff members also have a limited set of permissions compared to an admin. But generally, a staff member can do everything they would need to.