Staff Applications

If you are interested in joining the staff team on the CobaltCove network then please fill out the application at the bottom of this page. When filling out the application please be honest and give good, detailed answers where possible. By filling out this form you are not guaranteed a staff position. If you are accepted you will be contacted by our staff via discord. Before reading through the rest of the information on this page, please read our pre-staff information to give you a heads up of what it is like to be staff and make sure you are aware of what it is you are applying for.

Requirements for becoming staff
  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You have at least 150 hours on our server(s)
  • You speak fluent English both written and verbal.
  • Must understand the server rules and have no warnings.
What we expect from our staff?
  • You must be proactive as a staff member.
  • Be mature and have no attitude towards players or other staff.
  • The only staff members we want are ones who want to help our players and network. If you just want a fancy title and noclip, please leave this page now.
  • You have the ability to stay calm, sometimes players will try to test you.
  • Be reliable, if you can’t be on the server for some time, whatever the reason, just let us know.
What can you expect from us?
  • A cool group of friends who laugh and joke together, but make this network great!
  • Support whether it is in-game or out.

We have a few different positions available within our team. Play the game while helping others, all the way to writing plugins that will make the CobaltCove network stand out even more. Have a look at the short descriptions below and see what suits you best!

The helper role is more a role reserved for the servers more experienced players, the one’s who know the server inside out. What accepted candidates do is monitor chat and answer any questions through remote console that the players might have. These members have no in-game powers and are essentially the servers information center when they’re not on the server and have some free time.

Successful applicants will be put on a probational period as an assistant to see how you manage and conduct yourself as staff member as well as part of our team. Being a staff member sounds great to some, but you would be surprised by just how much work goes into it. During this probation period, we will teach you how to interact with the player base from an experienced admins point of view. During this time, your main tasks will be to engage with the player base through conversation and helping them out if they have any issues or questions. Keep in mind, as a staff member you must always put the players first.

Are you serious with your C# skills? Do you want to contribute to our network by writing us endless lines of code? If so, then the developer role is perfect for you! We are looking for experienced coders who know how to deal with a chunk of text to aid us in becoming the best PVE server network out there.

Have you ever wondered how all those monuments appear into the game? Do you like watching from the background how an entire community enjoys your creative work? Join us as a mapmaker, where Nemesis will teach you all the basics you will need to get started on building your own monuments and maps. This role is also responsible for preparing a new map every 2 weeks. That includes testing the map for potential bugs.

Staff Application